Natural BOTOX® results contribute to keeping your authentic relational skills

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I read an interesting article the other day about communication skills which touched on relational skills.  The way the facial muscles move as you relate to another tell the other person a lot about how you are feeling.  You use facial cues to continuously give and receive social feedback from those around you.  If you have a strong emotion inside, this reaction will naturally show on your face as you converse.

But what if you have had a bad BOTOX® injection in your face to smooth out wrinkle formation, and it is overdone?  BOTOX® relaxes the muscles that fire the wrinkles.  Your forehead, mouth, or eyes will now tell a different story on your face from what is natural.  This will make it harder for others to interpret how you are feeling.  More specifically, you could come across as lacking empathy or excitement for another.

This is why it is so important to get BOTOX® injections from an expert such as Dr. Macdonald who believes in a natural approach to wrinkle reduction. Dr. Macdonald has a very organic approach to his artistry with facial features for surgeries and procedures such as BOTOX®.  His patients are left with a glowing appearance, a happiness, and youthfulness that does not recognizably look to be impaired by BOTOX®.

He believes that “smile lines” are an important part of natural facial expression.  When injecting the crows feet wrinkles or wrinkles around the mouth, he has his patient smile so that he gets to see the difference between resting wrinkles and smile wrinkles so that the eyes will remain natural looking.

A common critique of BOTOX® and tell-tale sign of this procedure is the paralyzed, frozen forehead.  Dr. Macdonald does not overdo the procedure in this way.  Each patient’s wrinkle formation and face size is different, so there is no set amount of the product that he injects in each person’s forehead.  His goal is to diminish wrinkles while keeping integrity of the way the face should move and respond with common emotion.

Also, have you ever seen a person whose face is wrinkle free in one part of the face, but “crepey” and wrinkled in another with no natural connection between the two?  This is another example of an unnatural result which Dr. Macdonald takes pride in not replicating in his own practice.

The way we think and feel is grounded in our bodies.  The way we understand others’ emotions is to experience those emotions ourselves. We do this with facial mimicking. So if you are wincing in pain I immediately do a micro-wince, and that sends signals to my brain that you are experiencing pain, and by experiencing it myself I now understand what you are going through.

I wanted to share this important tidbit of information so that more people can combine the youthful appearance with more natural BOTOX® results.

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