LATISSE®: Eyebrows and Eyelashes After 22 weeks

It’s been 22 weeks now since I’ve been using LATISSE® for my eyelashes and eyebrows.  I wanted to give you an update…


I recently received this comment from my son: “Mom, your eyelashes are freaky long!” At the time I was wearing a little mascara and also had curled them with the eyelash curler.

Regardless, this is a long way from my albino-like eyelashes 22 weeks prior. [See picture below]

I have obtained a second bottle of LATISSE® so that I can continue this daily application.


Having followed Karine’s story on cosmetic tattooing, I am especially drawn to her early discussion on eyebrow tattooing to create a more enhanced frame to the eyes.  I too was thinking about this early on but have first decided to try for a look that involves growing my eyebrow hair darker and thicker.  I will do this with LATISSE®.

If you remember previous pictures, this picture to the right will look familiar to you.  My pre-LATISSE® look (and pre-blepharoplasty, in fact).

Regarding the LATISSE® application, initially I applied only the leftover liquid on my eyebrows after using most of it on the eyelashes.  They did grow a little thicker and darker on the inner edge.  I also experienced a little itchiness.

In the last month I have been applying one entire drop per eyebrow, paying more attention to the outer edge.  Now I am actually noticing that my inner eyebrows are getting a little too bushy (even for me) so I’m focusing specifically the outer edges.

I’m finding it necessary to pluck my eyebrows (for shaping) more often now.  Also, when I wake in the morning they are messy to  point where I find it necessary to smooth them out with a little vaseline.  [See picture to the above for this just-woke-up look.]

After plucking them and smoothing vaseline on my brows, they have definitely helped to enhance and frame my eyes, bringing out the green.

The LATISSE® has proven to be a noninvasive and simple home procedure.

LATISSE® promotional special

I am going to take advantage of the current promotion offered below. [My BOTOX® treatment is tomorrow]:

  • Purchase one treatment of BOTOX® Cosmetic or JUVÉDERM® XC and receive a box of LATISSE® for $20 ($100 savings) through 12/31/10

You also might be interested in other product promotions:

  • $50 off Dysport™ treatment through 1/31/11
  • $50 off each 1cc of Restylane® (with minimum purchase of 2cc) – through 12/31/10
  • $75 off each 1cc of Perlane™ (no minimum purchase) – through 12/31/10
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One thought on “LATISSE®: Eyebrows and Eyelashes After 22 weeks

  1. […] been using the LATISSE® product on my eyelashes for 28 weeks now. I believe that after 22 weeks, as shown in my last post, my eyelash length and thickness has maxed out. They look the same now 6 weeks later while […]

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